About us


The company was founded in 1980’s. From the very beginning its production was based on plastics manufacture. It started from the production on moulding machines for farming, then its production scope was broadened with details for building/housing industry, which have been manufactured up to now. Short production lots to meet the market demands were also

In 1997 the machinery stock was completed with extrusion machinery and the production of plastic containers for memorial candles was started. That production profile was expanded vastly in the following years which made it the dominating profile of our company’s production activity.

After the transformation that took place in 2003 the company became a private partnership company under the current name. The machinery stock was expanded and modernized with simultaneous broadening of the products variety which made it possible to meet the increasing needs of the customers.

Currently our main production line is the manufacture of memorial candles components. We make paraffin containers used in plastic and glass candles as well as other details. The company is located in an easily accessible place, near the DK-1 road ( Katowice ­ Bielsko-Biała ). We have got our own cargo vans to deliver our products to customers.

We offer over 45 patterns of memorial candles containers.We introduce new
patterns when such marketing need arises.

Individual selling conditions are offered to our loyal consumers.

We encourage the manufacturers of memorial candles, their components and
parrafin containers to take advantage of our offer.